Teaching - 4-6

Teaching Your Children About Sex: What to Teach When 4-6 Years Old

Basic Information

  • Boys and girls bodies change when they get older
  • Simple explanations of how babies grow in their mother's wombs and about the birth process
  • Rules about personal boundaries (such as keeping private parts covered, not touching other children's private parts)
  • Simple answers to all questions about the body and its functions
  • Touching your own private parts can feel nice but is something done in private

Safety Information

  • Sexual abuse is when someone touches your private parts or asks you to touch their private parts
  • It is sexual abuse even if it is by someone you know
  • Sexual abuse is never the child's fault
  • If a stranger tries to get you to go with him or her, run and tell a parent, teach, neighbor, police officer, or other trusted adult
  • Who to tell if people do "not okay" things to you, or as you to do "not okay" things to them