Understanding Who We Are

There will be a team of professionals working your child's case. Each professional has a specific role, and by working together, tries to make this process flow as smoothly as possible.

Law Enforcement Officer/Detective

The detective will continue the investigation and attempt to interview the suspect and witnesses. Sometimes gathering evidence is a slow process, so try to be patient. After the investigation is completed, the detective will pass information to the County Attorney's Office, they will make the decision whether to press criminal charges.

Social Worker (DCF)

The role of the social worker is to assist you in the protection of your child. They will help develop safety plans for your family and may refer your child for counseling or other services. The social worker is there to assist you, so don't be afraid to call on them if you are in need.

Medical Professional

The medical professionals working with the team have years of experience in examining children for possible abuse. Their job is to assess the child's overall physical health as well as identify and document any injuries, evaluate the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, and test for possible pregnancy. Remember, however, the team does not rely solely on the results of the medical evaluation to prove abuse. Even if the exam findings are normal, it does not mean that abuse has not occurred. It is common to find no injuries or evidence of abuse during the exam.

The County Attorney (CA)/Prosecutor

The prosecutor has the final decision on whether or not to file criminal charges. Many factors are considered before a decision to file charges is made. These factors affect the likelihood of success in court and include age and maturity of the child, the child's ability to testify, reaction of the suspect to the charges, presence of medical evidence and the existence of other witnesses. The prosecutor will decide which charges to file based on the acts that occurred and the available evidence to support the charges.

Victim Advocate (VA)

During your visit you will meet a Victim Advocate (VA). The VA will explain the steps that will be taken while at the Meadowlark House. Additionally, the VA will provide resources to specialized mental health, and medical treatment, financial sources for services, information about child protection and the legal system., and outline ways you can be even more available to your child.

After your visit the VA will contact you by phone to talk with you about your needs, concerns, and answer any questions you have. It is the VA's job to help you by connecting you to resources and help you strengthen your family.

The VA is available by phone, email, or in-person to assist you and your family is this difficult time.

Meadowlark House Forensic Interviewer

A Forensic Interviewer has specialized training and experience in asking questions in a way that is not leading or suggestive and is appropriate for the child.