Getting Documents Recorded

Please read: Effective December 31, 2012 - Resolution 2012-54 (PDF) - Refund policy for the over payment of fees.

Please include contact phone number with documents sent in for recording.

Margin Requirements for Documents

On all documents to be recorded, please provide the following margins:
  • First Page: Top = 3 Inches Margin
    Bottom: 1/2 Inch Margin Sides: 1/2 Inch Margin
  • Additional Pages: Top = 1 Inch Margin
    Bottom: 1/2 Inches Margin Sides: 1/2 Inches Margin

Additional Fee

Our office will not refuse to record a document without these dimensions. However according to KSA 28-115, we may request an additional fee of $17 if sufficient room is not provided for our recording stamp. Therefore, if you did not provide these margins, please include the $17 fee.

Effective January 1, 2019

According to KSA 79-3102 Mortgage Registration tax will no longer be required by the Kansas Register of Deeds Office.