Once you have completed the terms and conditions of your sentence, probation, or diversion and after a certain number of years have passed, you may be eligible to petition the court and have your conviction and/or arrest expunged from your record.  This means that the general public (including potential employers) will not be able to see your arrest and/or conviction record on your criminal history.  There are specific statutory requirements that must be met before a person is able to submit a petition for expungement.  Note that there are some offenses that cannot be expunged from your criminal record under any circumstance.

Petitions for expungement should be completed and submitted to the Ford County Attorney’s Office for review.  The Ford County Attorney’s Office will review the petition and proposed order for expungement to ensure they are in proper form and that the individual requesting an expungement meets statutory requirements and that the behavior of the individual seeking an expungement since his or her arrest and/or conviction merits an expungement.

Please note that the Ford County Attorney’s Office cannot provide you with legal advice concerning the expungement process.  If you have questions concerning your eligibility for an expungement or need assistance in completing the necessary forms, you are strongly encouraged to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney of your choosing.