The Ford County Sheriff's Office is proud to be home to a special unit of K9s that assist our deputies . These specially trained Deputy companions assist in the tracking of criminal suspects and lost persons, evidence recovery, drug detection, and general patrol duties. 

Both of our K9s are Certified by both NNDDA & NAPWDA.

  • The National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) is a professional, nonprofit organization dedicated to the utilization and proficiency of scent detector dogs for the benefit of Law Enforcement and Private Industry. The purpose of the NNDDA is to provide training pertaining to the laws of search and seizure, utilizing scent detector dogs.
  • The North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) strives to enhance the use of police work dogs by law enforcement agencies through continuing education in the form of local, state, and national workshops, held periodically throughout the year. Certification of Associate member's dogs will be determined by the Master Trainer. Associate members dogs can only be certified in: Obedience, Article Search, Area Search, Search and Rescue Area Search, Tracking, Trailing, Building Search, Cadaver, Explosives and Accelerant and a method of certification for court purposes.

Our K9s are a very important and significant piece to our Law Enforcement Family. Our Master Deputies care and house our dogs.

  1. Brandon Hornback

    Master Deputy K-9

  1. Ryan Davis

    Master Deputy K-9

the First ford county Sheriff's Office K9

Sherif Wolfe  k9 (1)

Handler: Sheriff Richard Wolfe
K9: Lucky

Starting in 1950's, the Ford County Sheriff's Office introduced the beginning of it's K9 Unit with Sheriff Richard Wolfe's dog Lucky. Lucky was a German Sheppard who was a loyal addition to the Office.

Sherif Wolfe  k9 (2)

Our Current k9 unit's

Brandon and the Puppy

Master Deputy Hornback & K9-Kyra

Master Deputy Hornback has been with the Ford County Sheriff's Office since 2009. He has been a K9 handler since 2013 when Kyra joined our team. 

Kyra, a 6 year old Belgian Malinois, is trained in narcotics detection and patrol.

Rest in Peace Kyra

EOW - September 06, 2021


Master Deputy Davis & K9-Blu

Master Deputy Davis has been with the Ford County Sheriff's Office since 2016. He has been a K9 handler ever since our addition of Blu in 2017.

Blu, a 8 year old Belgian Malinois, is also trained in narcotics detection and patrol.