Emergency Alerts - Tornado Information

Tornadoes can devastate everything it touches. Kansas is no stranger to tornadic activity. This section of our website features information about tornadoes, where sirens are located, where severe weather shelters can be found, what you can do to prepare for a storm and how to keep your family safe. Explore the links to the left and become aware of tornadoes and how to manage their impact. 

Layered Warning Strategy

We recommend everyone use a layered approach to receive critical information; in other words, have multiple ways to get the news that could save your life. Some of those layers include:

Code Red (Public Sign-up)

NOAA weather radio 

Local media outlets for weather information

Outdoor warning devices

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Public Alerts within Ford County, KS

Sign up to receive community bulletins, emergency alerts, and severe weather warnings that could directly impact you and your family.

Ford County and participating cities within the county are able to send you important notifications via email, text, or voice call based on the location you enter and the contact options you provide. It is important we collect this contact and location information because many households no longer utilize traditional land-line phones. Your information will not be shared with anyone else.

 On the sign up page there are three categories of alerts you can choose per city; each of the three categories has a list of example notifications. There is also the default setting to allow you to receive county wide alerts from Emergency Management and Emergency Communications Center “911 dispatch”.

 Non-emergency messages will be sent via email only, while urgent alerts may be sent via email and text. In some extreme circumstances, an automated phone call also may be sent.  It is free to sign up for the alerts, however, standard text messaging rates may apply. 

Disclaimer: It is very important to note this is an opt-in service, and most messages will be sent only to the people who provide email/phone/location information. All personal information will be kept secure and will not be shared.

Disclaimer: The only alerts that are automated are weather watches and warnings; every other message must be crafted and sent by a person, so even in emergency situations, there will always be at least a slight delay in notification. No alert system is 100% effective 100% of the time; even after signing up, make sure you have multiple ways to receive critical information.

If you still have questions before signing up, check out our FAQ’s here, or send us an email at Rbeemer@fordcounty.net

Presentations by Emergency Management Staff are available.

Just call 620-801-4401, or email us to discuss preferred topics or to schedule a presentation

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